LatAm SMEs benefit from financing of up to $10M (USD)

November 30, 2021

In the face of the challenges we have faced in recent years due to the pandemic and its impact on the business world, Stenn International supports exporting companies that have come under strain. The role of Stenn is to rescue companies that have been facing difficult access to financing services, offering, through international factoring, secure and reliable financing of up to $10 million (USD).

Stenn is a UK fintech company that offers one of the largest and fastest growing online platforms to provide online finance to small and medium sized businesses involved in international trade. Through Stenn, companies can access liquidity or cash flow to fuel their development, as well as receive default protection to enable businesses to take the next step and acquire new customers overseas, with the facility to grant deferred payments and protect themselves against the risk of non-payment.

This fintech is backed by financial giants with a global presence and a history of financing $8 billion (USD) of invoices since 2015. They are, dedicated to helping SMEs convert their invoices into cash almost immediately, avoiding having to wait months to receive payment from their buyers on the due date. Stenn provides financial support to companies through a process of financing invoices, accounts receivable financing or factoring, which are pending to be paid in full or in part. 

In international trade, it is common practice for buyers to pay invoices for goods and services after 30, 60, 90 or 120 days, or more depending on trade agreements, causing companies to freeze their capital and no longer have the resources they need to operate. This is where Stenn's important mission comes in: to reduce this cash flow gap, allowing SME exporters in Mexico and around the world to stop being paralysed and access the funds they need to maintain their activities and boost their growth. 

Although Steen has its headquarter in London, it provides financial services in more than 74 countries, including important parts of Latin America, including Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Chile, as well as Argentina and Mexico, two countries in which it began its work at the end of 2020. SInce then, Stenn has seen great strength in this region and outstanding performance, including the launch of special rapid financing programmes that aim to help businesses overcome the crisis generated by COVID-19. Stenn offers financing for most business sectors, and in recent months has created special programmes such as "Made in Argentina!", created to boost the work of companies linked to the country's meat industry, and "Made in Mexico!", developed to strengthen the output of Mexican furniture manufacturers. 

Any exporting company in Latin America that requires funds and is facing a liquidity problem can find the solution by approaching Stenn, with the certainty that they will receive a faster response than from a bank, without presenting collateral or impacting their credit history. The process of applying for financing is very reliable, simple and agile, all you have to do is log on to the platform, apply for financing and commercial credit protection from $10 thousands to $10 million (USD), and obtain it in 48 hours by simply signing two documents.  

Undoubtedly, the arrival of Stenn in our country has a favourable impact on the lives of exporting companies, as it opens doors to great opportunities thanks to its innovative financing solutions, supporting maintenance and boosting growth. However, the opportunities offered do not stop there. For those interested in the world of factoring, there is the opportunity to create a professional network that will lead companies to become Stenn Certified Representatives, with which they will be able to obtain significant additional income, as well as build a career, collaborating in one of the most relevant fintechs at an international level. 


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