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5 Feb



For small businesses, the path to realizing big dreams is often paved with financial challenges. In stark figures taken from the ONS-maintained Inter-Departmental Business Register, it was revealed that 2021/22 witnessed a 5% rise in the number of UK business closures, meaning closures overtook openings for the first time since 2010.

While the pandemic caused an initial spike in US business closures, the situation improved relatively quickly. However, the country remains on course to shed over 50,000 retail stores by 2028, with rising costs and the growth of e-commerce pushing smaller retailers out of business.

Passion and plenty of hard work will be essential qualities for meeting these challenges head-on, but another is needed if SMEs are to compete in such hostile environments: savvy cashflow management.

If you’re a small business leader, you’ll know that cashflow bottlenecks hobble day-to-day operations, prevent investment in value-adding initiatives, and slow progress from turning big dreams into thriving realities. 

Indeed, such bottlenecks have undoubtedly contributed to the five-year survival rate for UK businesses born in 2017, standing at just 39.6%. According to the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council, the five-year survival rate for US businesses born in 2017 is even lower, at 33.6%.

Traditional financing methods and approaches aimed at clearing these bottlenecks usually come with a string of complexities, from lengthy approval processes to a need to submit assets as collateral.  

Invoice financing is different. Offering a simple, risk-free, and practical solution for effective cashflow management, it is becoming a tool many small businesses point to as one of their most vital enablers of growth.

In this blog, we explain why.

Understanding invoice financing

Invoice financing is a financial practice where you sell your accounts receivable (invoices) to a third party at a small discount.

The approach contrasts sharply with traditional financing methods, which generally involve lengthy loan processes and rigid credit requirements.

Invoice financing alleviates the cashflow constraints that small businesses like yours encounter over the business year by providing immediate cash based on the value of outstanding invoices. It does this by:

Enhancing cashflow

Steady cashflow is the lifeblood of any small business. Without it, even the most single-minded and innovative enterprises can find themselves struggling to fulfill routine orders, let alone expand into bigger markets.

Invoice financing injects crucial liquidity into your business, converting unpaid invoices into immediate working capital.

Boosted by improved cashflow, you are empowered to maintain operations, pay employees, and invest in new projects without the frustration of waiting on customer payments.

Facilitating growth and expansion

With improved cashflow comes the ability to pursue growth opportunities. Businesses are no longer constrained by the gap between delivering a product or service and receiving payment.

This immediacy allows you to take on larger projects or orders, explore new markets, and invest in research and development without the financial strain that small businesses have traditionally endured.

Improving financial resilience

Broader economic uncertainty can impact a small business's financial stability more profoundly than it does with larger enterprises.

Invoice financing offers a buffer against this uncertainty, providing you with a constant source of funds even in the most challenging times.

By converting sales into immediate cash, small businesses like yours are better equipped to manage economic fluctuations and maintain a steady course through turbulent financial waters.

Increasing operational flexibility

Fast access to funds through invoice financing empowers businesses to become more agile and adaptive.

This flexibility is crucial in today's hyperactive and competitive market, where an ability to respond quickly to change, customer demands, or unexpected expenses can determine business success.

Empowered by this newfound agility, even the smallest businesses are able to make quick decisions and take direct action with confidence.

Enabling better business relationships

Timely payments are critical in building and maintaining trust with your suppliers and customers.

Invoice financing ensures you have the funds available to meet the most stringent deadline commitments.

Demonstrating such reliability strengthens relationships with your buyers and opens doors to new opportunities and better terms with new suppliers and partners.

Navigating the digital landscape

Technological advancements have made invoice financing more accessible and efficient than ever.

Digital platforms enable quick and easy management of invoices, streamlining the process and reducing administrative overhead.

This technological integration means you can easily access financing solutions without unnecessary burdens on your time.

Looking to the future

Adopting invoice financing can have long-term benefits for small businesses like yours. Beyond immediate financial relief, it lays the groundwork for sustainable growth and stability.

As your business becomes more financially robust, you become better positioned to plan for the future, invest in your workforce, and confidently explore new ventures.

With enhanced cashflow that provides a platform for growth and financial resilience, invoice financing moves your objective from one of surviving to thriving.

In a world where financial challenges can dampen the spirits of even the most ambitious entrepreneurs, it is an approach to money management that can turn your biggest dreams into genuine realities.


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