How International Invoice Financing Can Stabilise Cash Flow

June 15, 2022

Liquid capital is vital for any company, whether a Supplier or a Buyer. 

Many Buyers are looking to buy from Suppliers that offer flexible payment terms. While such payment terms help to create new trading relationships, they can often leave Suppliers at a financial disadvantage. This is especially so for Suppliers who want to expand into emerging markets.

International supply chains continue to expand, bringing increasing numbers of Buyers and Suppliers together. Companies are still searching for ways to free up the working capital that sits in these supply chains.

Stenn's services are designed to make sure that Suppliers and Buyers are not facing cash flow struggles. 

Using invoice discounting, Buyers can continue to make good use of the deferred payment terms given by their Suppliers. Meanwhile, Stenn advances payment immediately to their Suppliers, giving them access to the working capital they need. The Buyer then pays Stenn on the original invoice due date, meaning that the needs of all parties are satisfied. 

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