Stenn Is Fast

We can pay for the shipment within 3-5 days. If you and your counterparty are already clients of STENN, the payment can be performed even within 24 hours. Can any bank be faster?

Stenn Protects You

Our risk management matrix allow us to take risks of non-payment and delays – that’s why we are the perfect instrument to start new contracts with unknown clients and make first shipments in “STENN protected mode”. Can it be safer?

Stenn Has No Limits

We can boost your working capital significantly (up to x5), freeing your business from any financial limits. Grow as fast if you can.

Stenn Is Smart

Our IT-platform can process more than 2000 transactions per day: we automatically take care of your fast payments to be in time.

Stenn Helps Your Business

By helping you offer better trading terms to your clients, Stenn helps you grow your business as rapidly as you can get new orders.

2015 Facts

  • $12bln financed: STENN
    team track record since 2006
  • 2000 transactions daily
    is the capability of STENN IT platform
  • 6 continents: We pay for buyers
    around the world
  • 2 offices: Singapore, London

Contact Us

tel: +44 20 3735 9080