“We aspire to our services becoming the financial tool of choice for both SME exporters from Asia and the bridge to trade for importers and retailers in the west.”

(Walter Colebatch, CEO)

Stenn is a UK-based international trade finance provider, servicing trade between Asia and developed markets. Stenn was started by the professionals which founded the largest receivable finance company in Eastern Europe and is led by hand-picked experienced executive management team with successful track record of building multi-billion US dollar receivable finance business in emerging markets. The team is now applying its experience and skills in providing trade finance to suppliers from emerging markets to multinational invoice financing.

Innovative practices allow Stenn to finance an entirely new segment currently unserviced in global trade. Stenn’s unique capabilities stem from the team’s broad experience in both developed and emerging markets finance over several decades. This combination of skills, trustworthiness and experience is behind Stenn’s ability to pioneer new trade finance capabilities and offer international trade finance facilities that other providers can’t or won’t provide.

Stenn’s partners include: Dun & Bradstreet, Mashreq Bank, Deloitte, CNTAC (China National Textile & Apparel Council), Barclays Bank, GMDC (Global Market Development Center), NRHA (North American Retail Hardware Association), Cargo Services and others.

Stenn is registered with the U.K.’s Financial Conduct Authority (Reg 745987)

“The continuously growing global trade and underdeveloped invoice financing in emerging markets together provide significant untapped opportunities for financial trade support.

Our goal is to bring top-level services to new markets and open up financial support to exporters and importers who haven’t had access to it before.”
(Walter Colebatch, CEO)

2015 Facts

  • $12bln financed: STENN
    team track record since 2006
  • 2000 transactions daily
    is the capability of STENN IT platform
  • 6 continents: We pay for buyers
    around the world
  • 2 offices: Singapore, London

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tel: +44 20 3735 9080